Founded in 1975, Jedal Group adopts a philosophy of quality that is evident in all the Group´s actions.  Not only because of the international ISO certifications and QSB-GM , but also for the recognition of our clients, which have awarded us with many Top Quality awards, Certificate of Merit and Quality by Honda and Toyota.

Relying on a differentiated Consumer Service system, Jedal is known by the customers as the most reliable company in the markets it operates.


Redentor is the division that operates in the Fire Prevention and Environmental and Assets Protection markets, supplying products for storage, use and disposal solutions for almost every industrial segment. We also have tailor made solutions developed with the latest technology and quality.

Jedox is the group's youngest division, founded in September 2009. This new line contains products manufactured with the finest stainless steel, providing functional and decorative solutions to various segments. The product development aims at innovation, with sophisticated design, refinement and quality.

Following the technological changes of the market, an state-of-the art fully integrate computer system tracks all orders and customers comments, allowing for real time responses from our team.


Jedox is the newest division of JEDAL – REDENTOR which is the leader in Latin America in the automotive and environmental safety markets for the past 40 years.

We have helped many customers to convey an image of sophistication, organization and cleanliness to their target audience, reinforcing the sense of solidity of the company and improving credibility with their customers.

In addition, our products demonstrate concern for the environment, essential in the current scenario, and compliance with the existing laws.

Among our varied line of stainless steel products with unparalleled beauty, durability and refinement, there is certainly one that fits your needs.


Selective waste collection set:

Selective waste collection set duo selective
- Recyclable and Not-Recicle
Now it’s easier and pratical to support selective waste collection.

Mix 2 e 3
Total capacity of the tanks: 22 L
Stainless steel trash can capacity: 26 L

Mix 4
Total capacity of the tanks: 55 L
Stainless steel trash can capacity: 60 L

Made of polished stainless steel

Diversity to suit your needs

Removable tanks made of polyethylene rotomolding , much tougher.

Cigarette butt collector:

Capacity: 5 Liters
4 butt pickups
Stores up to 1,500 butts. Easy to clean.


Shoe polisher 100 % polished stainless steel
Limited edition with different design!

Semi Automatic
Push button

Driven by proximity sensor

Automatic shutdown after 15 seconds

With removable brushes for easy replacement


Eletric: Does not make smoke.
Ideal for internal areas.

Ideal to the SAVE ICY drinks. Wheels that facilitate movement .
Hinged lid .


Cigarette butts collectors

Smart with Display
Multi with Display
Duo Collect
Floor Static
FITT – White
FITT – Black
FITT – Cigarrete


Umbrellas Packer – Clean
Umbrellas Packer – Fixed on the Wall
Umbrellas Packer – Basic
Umbrellas Case
Fire extinguisher Support

Selective waste collection:

Chalk Collector FITT
Bateries Collector FITT
Bateries Collector
White dispenser of disposable cups
Black dispenser of disposable cups
Silver dispenser of disposable cups
Squarly Dispenser of disposable cups in stainless steel
Round Dispenser of disposable cups in stainless steel
Dispenser of disposable cups in stainless steel – Water/Coffe

Hospital and wastebaskets:

Kick Bucket
Wastebasket with lid, pedal and wheel
Diverse Wastebaskets
Selective Waste Collection Set